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Our Story…

CBD Jenny Ltd has been set up by Jennifer Louise Tervit and Anthony Valerio when they both realised the benefits of the amazing hemp plant and cannabinoids it contains. Different reasons led them to be CBD users, as detailed below.  

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer had taken the decision to come off antidepressants after about 13 years and was suffering horrible nausea and started taking CBD oil which helped this symptom subside significantly. Also, having suffered depression most of her life, she has started to use CBD oil to assist with the symptoms and believes it has helped considerably.

Jennifer has struggled to be able to relax the majority of her adult life (probably part of the depression) and taking CBD on a regular basis has allowed her to become able to relax more and sleep better at night.

Anthony’s Story

Anthony was first introduced to CBD when a new shop opened up at the end of his road. He learnt about the various health benefits of the compound through discussions with the CBD shop owner and when he tried it himself as a substitute to lower his alcohol consumption.

Since then, his enthusiasm has grown, and he wants to spread the benefits of the product to others as believes it can help many people for many different ailments.

Where our CBD comes from

Our cannabidiol (CBD) comes from Zurich, Switzerland, grown with a full set of state-of-the-art, non-GMO, breeding technologies. The farms produce and manufacture all hemp using pesticide free production, organic growing principles and fully support all of the latest cannabis regulations. All the CBD and hemp comes independently tested by UK and Swiss laboratories.

100% organically grown, high quality, cannabidiol rich hemp plants from pure Swiss harvests that are independently lab tested are what our products are made from.

Food Law Certified

All our products are processed according to the EU food law and its highest standards.

Guaranteed Concentration

We sell 3rd party laboratory tested products.


100% Swiss Quality

All our CBD products are produced and manufactured in Switzerland, using indoor, glasshouse and outdoor facilities.

Organic Production Principles

Our CBD and hemp products are produced with organic production principles, using beneficial insects and rotating our crops outdoors.

Pesticide Free Production

Our farms do not spray any synthetic pesticides on our cannabis plants.

Support of Cannabis Regulations

Our suppliers are leading entities in co-ordinating the regulations of cannabis.

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