CBD and Mindfulness

February 23, 2021

Mindfulness can mean many different things to people. A lot of people see it as a sort of self-help tool, there for bettering themselves and for the further advancement of achievements. Which it can be, but it is also a practice.

Spiritual practice

A spiritual practice designed to reconnect us with our natural state that is wholly aware in the present moment. This may seem like a fantasy but many in the spiritual and religious community believe in this state of ‘nirvana’ or ‘enlightenment’. This state is sought after worldwide and many of us strive for it subconsciously.

Sometimes people do not want an all-consuming bliss state but just want to better their lives and become more in tune with themselves. Whatever your reason for interest in mindfulness, it does not matter because the very act helps you see things clearer and become more aware.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the practice by which people become mindful. Meditation involves focusing the attention on something specific in order to loosen the grip on internal monologues, stories, and thoughts that impact our decision-making and how we go about our day.

Practices include:

  • Breathing – focusing on the breath
  • Mantra – repetition of a sound or word either aloud or in thought-form
  • An object – some prefer to put their attention on an alter or candle
  • Body – focusing on energy and sensations within the body

It is important to remember that meditation is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Nothing is meant to be forced and it is not meant to feel uncomfortable like you are trying to fight something. It is just meant to be about the act of becoming aware. If you are fighting or resisting your feelings or thoughts, then just notice that you are and that is enough. Noticing is where the power lies.

CBD and mindfulness

CBD and mindfulness can go well together, and although there is relatively little research on the subject it is easy to see why. CBD can soothe anxiety and reduce stress, in combination with a mindfulness practice results are likely to be magnified.

Next time you are starting your practice, try taking 3 drops of CBD oil under your tongue, keeping it there for a minute or two and begin your meditation. You may find yourself reaching a calmer place quicker than you had before.

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