CBD for Sports Recovery

April 10, 2021

CBD is used for a wide variety of reasons. One of the areas that have seen the biggest benefit is in the sports industry where users are taking CBD to help with recovery from exercise.

The human body changes and adapts in response to going through intense exercise and the after-effects can leave people sore, tired, and in need to recover. That is why many have been using CBD for sports recovery.

What type of CBD should I use for sports recovery?

Many are using CBD isolate products as they contain no THC for those who go through drug testing or wish to remain ‘clean’ for their performance. It really depends on if it’s being used for a specific injury or just general recovery. Topical CBD products can be great for targeting areas of pain after a workout and oils are good for muscle recovery.

Using CBD for sports recovery benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory – CBD can reduce the muscle inflammation responsible for aches and pains after a workout
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality – Many report CBD to be a good sleep aid. Deep sleep helps repair muscles.
  • Pain Management – CBD can be used to soothe pain from injuries, delayed muscle-onset soreness, and joint pain
  • Relaxation – CBD works on the endocannabinoid system in many ways to help alleviate anxiety symptoms. A relaxed body and mind have holistic health benefits.

A woman balancing herself on her hands in a yoga pose

What does CBD do when used for sports recovery?

CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects by reacting with CB2 receptors. When taken after a workout CBD works on cells and mediators involved in inflammatory and hyperalgesia processes. This means athletes could take CBD to soothe pain, inflammation, and the swelling process that occurs with injuries. CBD has also been shown in studies to enhance sleep, a critical part of the recovery process.

Trials in healthy participants, insomniacs, and epileptics found that subjects reported a significant increase in sleep quality than those that took a placebo.

Athletes who take CBD for sports recovery

Many athletes these days are incorporating CBD into their supplement regime. For some, it is becoming a crucial part of their workout and as important as coffee or vitamins. A few names include:

  • Mike Tyson – The heavyweight boxing champion is one of the most famous advocates of cannabis and CBD. He even has his own CBD products named ‘Tyson Ranch’.
  • Nate & Nick Diaz – Both brothers have publicly talked about their use of cannabis and CBD to enhance their athletic performance. Nate even famously smoked a CBD vape pen during a press conference.
  • Eddie Hall – Winner of the world’s strongest man in 2017 and the official deadlift world record holder, lifting 500kg, is a CBD advocate and has his own CBD range. Now the world’s strongest man couldn’t be wrong, could he?

A picture of world's strongest man Eddie Hall smoking a cigar


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