CBD for Yoga

May 6, 2021

With many users taking CBD for sports recovery and mindfulness, CBD and yoga seem like they would synergise perfectly. After all CBD has all the hallmarks for being really beneficial when used in a yoga session:

  • Effective for joint and muscle stiffness
  • Effective for aches and pains
  • Helps to relax and ease the symptoms of anxiety
  • Great for sports recovery (decreased inflammation)

Joint and muscle stiffness

As a yogic practice can consist of holding difficult body postures and intense stretches, many out there feel incapable of taking part due to muscle stiffness or sore joints. Arthritis and general sore joints can become a barrier to a healthy, restorative yoga session.

Although yoga is not about pushing yourself to extents which you shouldn’t and is more about working with your own body to bring out the best session within your capabilities, CBD could offer you a better, more fluid session.

Effective for aches and pains

Back pain and body aches affect millions of adults around the world. Practicing asanas (yoga positions) can strengthen important back muscles, reduce inflammation and spinal tension, and help relieve aches and pains.

Since CBD has a holistic effect on the body through its connection to the endocannabinoid system, it could serve to enhance a yoga session by allowing the user to experience the amazing health benefits without any niggling pains that are making them a little tentative in their practice.

Helps to relax and ease anxiety

This could be the most beneficial aspect for yoga. Many of us live hectic lives in which we struggle to turn off our mind and relax. When we do get the opportunity sometimes it can feel deflating to realise just how out of control our thoughts are. Yoga is about not being scared to take a look inwards through its posture positions, breathing exercises and contemplative practices. If we naturally struggle with this it could be due to increased anxiety and over-thinking and CBD could offer a hand in gently easing this to allows us to focus in on our yoga practice.

The more relaxed and present we are the more benefits we will receive in our sessions.

Great for sports recovery

Finally, CBD has become known for its effectiveness in sports recovery. Although we may not think of yoga as a sport traditionally, its ability to push us to the limits and test our endurance is exceptional. Many of us who consider ourselves fit and healthy would struggle with an intense yoga session so although it may look relatively easy a good yoga workout can leave the body tired and in need of sleep and recovery. Many testify to CBD’s ability to enhance their sleep – the most important factor in a good sports recovery.

Yoga and CBD both have tremendous potential to positively impact our lives so why not try taking a few drops of oil under your tongue the next time you are doing your practice. If you live locally to Stirling in Scotland there is a great place where you can learn more and practice your yoga at Shambhala Yoga studios.

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