Hemp & CBD Body Boost Gift Set


The perfect gift for anyone you love to boost their body with a range of health and medicinal benefits. Give the Hemp & CBD Body Boost Gift Set from CBD Jenny to your loved one to boost their body and wellness. The gift set includes:

All packaged in a gift box with shred. Buying the gift set saves you a massive £7.98 if you bought the products individually and you get a free box and shred with the gift set.

Full Spectrum 1,000mg - THC level <0.05%

Our full spectrum oil is produced from a raw Cannabidiol extract to give you CBD in its most natural form which benefits from (and contains) all other healthy cannabinoids and plant matter found in the hemp harvest.

The full spectrum oil has the most beneficial and powerful effect on the endocannabinoid system due to the ‘entourage effect’ which occurs when all other cannabinoids are working together.

We mix our oils with nutritional organic hemp seed oil to add further health benefits including anti-aging, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory to name a few.

CBD products are still relatively new to the market and if you are new to CBD it can be a bit difficult knowing what to buy and what the benefits are. You can get some beginners information on our blog here. There have been studies conducted to show there are a wide range of health benefits from taking CBD and ongoing research is being carried out.

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Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 200g

Our hulled hemp seeds – also known as ‘hemp hearts’ - are 100% organic, packed with nutritional goodness and ready to eat. When a seed is ‘hulled’ it means the difficult to eat outer shell has been removed, this increases the seed's protein content and decreases its carbohydrate content. Hulled hemp seeds are a great source of plant-based protein and nutrients.

Hemp seeds do not contain any CBD or THC, although it is possible that they may contain trace amounts due to being processed and harvested alongside other parts of the hemp plant. They do however contain tiny amounts of THCa, the precursor compound to THC which transforms when heated. THCa has no psychoactive properties and will not get you ‘high’.

100% Organic – Vegan/Vegetarian – Wheat/Gluten/Dairy-free

The nutritional content of hulled hemp seeds:

  • High Fibre Content
  • Great Protein Source
  • Omega 3,6 and 9
  • Essential Fatty Acid Source

Hulled hemp seeds can be eaten on their own as a snack or added to a smoothie, salad, porridge, soup and many more. They can be used to make bread and for baking or can be quickly blended with water to make highly nutritional hemp milk.

To make hemp milk just add one cup of hulled hemp seeds to three cups of water, add a pinch of salt and blend until the seeds are fully pulverized then sieve into a glass. You can add your own flavourings as well.

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